Bromham Road

Bromham Road care home is located on the outskirts of Bedford but remains within walking distance to the town and all it has to offer. This is a peaceful home which has a spacious garden for clients to enjoy. Quality of life is primary at Bromham Road, each person is surrounded by their own belongings and enjoys personal space and time.

This home operates an open door policy, allowing relatives to ring ahead then visit any time.


  • Individual Bedrooms (2 Ground Floor)
  • Wheelchair Access – Wide Doors/Railings
  • Access to Day Centre within Same Organisation
  • Large Garden
  • Close to Town Centre Shops
  • Open Door Policy

The primary objective of Bromham Road is to enable individuals to lead the life they choose for themselves. We encourage our service users to enjoy fulfilment and a high quality of life through the pursuit of hobbies, the development of independent living skills and regular access to community services.

Bromham Road has a spacious living room where the group can socialise. Everyone eats together, encouraging all to interact and form relationships.

Service users are usually occupied at one of our Day Services centres during weekdays. Time during evenings and weekends is free to explore and pursue individual interests. Flexibility ensures a balance between work and family time. Bromham Road adapts and promotes independence throughout daily life.